Every golfer's swing has specific strengths and weaknesses. For my instruction to be most effective, I take into consideration your body type, personality, learning style, skill level, and most importantly, your goals. The ability to communicate the nature of the golf swing with my students in a way he or she understands is a big focus. From the beginner player to the average golfer to the PGA Tour player, my teaching style and philosophy are the same. Find the student’s biggest strengths in their golf swing and build around them then identify the largest weakness in their swing that is limiting success. Using verbal cues, visual aids, and hands on training this is all possible.

To help improve your game and lower your scores, I address all aspects of the game from full swing to short game and putting, as well as routine to develop a more consistent golf play. I will work with my student on their course management and mental aspect of the game to develop clear thoughts while on the golf course. From my personal experience, I am confident that you will see progress and results in your first lesson.

My strengths as an instructor are my overall knowledge of the game and its technical aspects, my playing experience, my ability to communicate, being patient and understanding during each player’s personal learning and development experience. I take pride in being able to teach complex concepts in a simple manner.

-Kraig Paquette

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